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MyFlightTools provides fast and easy-to-use aviation tools that you can keep right in your pocket!
Create your own personal library of Flightcards™ made up of your favorite airports, then simply drop-and-drag them onto a FlightSheet™ that you can print. All information printed on the flight cards comes directly from the currently-published FAA Chart Supplement (the effective period is printed on each Flightcard). Create and print as many Flightsheets as you want! You can accordion-fold them into convenient packets that fit right in your shirt pocket for quick access when seconds count.
Today's general aviation aircraft can be equipped with truly remarkable avionics-systems which provide enhanced situational awareness, systems redundancy, and a level of safety previously available only to the airlines. Unfortunately, not all airplanes we fly are equipped with these expensive systems. Most pilots rely on tablets and smartphones to provide some of those features, but these can (and do) fail regularly (overheating anyone?). In an emergency, rather than digging out the Airport/Facility Directory and flipping through hundreds of pages, you can use a handy MyFlightTools® FlightCard that provides you the information you need NOW (and a lot of other important information)! A Flightcard/Flightsheet fits conveniently in your shirt pocket.

FlightCards™ / FlightSheets™

Use the FlightCards tool to select from any of the 19,000+ airport facilities registered in the current U.S. FAA Chart Supplement publication (includes airports, heliports, and seaports) and create your personal library of quick-reference Flightcards. Build a FlightSheet using drag-and-drop to place any of your Flightcards onto a FlightSheet. Create, save, and print as many different Flightsheets as you want.

Each pocket-size FlightCard shows the most relevant airport information (including REMARKS!) at a glance, and even has an airport diagram (if published by the FAA) - perfect for quick-reference. Great for a co-pilot/passenger to have handy too. If an ATIS/AWOS/ASOS phone number is displayed in the flightcard, you can listen to automated weather from your mobile device by clicking the phone number.

  • Add as many flight cards as you want to your own personal FlightCard library
  • Add up to 8 FlightCards onto one FlightSheet (which prints onto 8x11 paper)
  • Folding-guidelines make it easy to accordian-fold the sheet into a perfect pocket-size shape
  • Works from your mobile device as well

*MyFlightTools.com generates flight cards using only the currently-published digital chart supplement data provided by the FAA at FAA Digital - Chart Supplement (d-CS).

(Coming soon) WindCard™

Use the Wind Card tool to create a pocket-sized wind card which provides cross-wind component/glide-distance information at a glance.

Simply enter the current wind-velocity(kts) and wind-direction for your route, your planned cruise-altitude (AGL), your aircraft's best-glide airspeed (Vg in kts) and rate-of-descent (fpm), and the tool will calculate2 the estimated glide-distances for 8 different evenly-spaced magnetic headings - invaluable information to have in front of your eyes when seconds count.

1Data will only be as current as the most recent user-entries provided
2Method Used: (AGL Altitude(ft)*Glide Ratio) / 5280(1 sm) = glide distance (statute miles)
*Visit the Aviation Weather.gov website for winds-aloft data and forecasts here --> AviationWeather.gov Winds Aloft Forecasts (FB) data